Miracle island

Miracle island

Today’s story about Maldives. Is there anything new to say about this place? It looks like Maldives are completely explored by divers and travelers, but we were surprised a lot after exploring Dhigurah island. Here, you won’t find expensive hotels and beaches crowded with tourists. In local village you can taste pure Maldivian food (mostly fish + coconut), the wild beach is glowing with plankton lights during the night, half of the island covered with the real jungle. Dhigurah is not a regular island for Maldives.


But the main point of interest here is underwater wildlife. On the house reef you can meet a whale sharks which are just locals and live here on the reef. Not so common, am I right? You just go out of the hotel and go snorkeling on the house reef. For free. You don’t have to go to Mexico or Tanzania and pay a lot for the whale sharks!


On the other side of the island you can find large aggregation of manta rays, the most beautiful ray of tropical and equatorial seas. Of course it’s not such a giants that you may find in Mexico, just “common” reef mantas. It takes 10 minutes from the island to reach the manta point, and they can be found there every day.



In 2009 the status of reef manta as a separate species was confirmed. As the smaller relatives, the were given a new name of Manta alfredi, while the larger oceanic mantas keeped the classic name of Manta birostris. Both species are listed as “vulnerable” by IUCN.



Today it’s hard to impress experienced divers with mantas and whale sharks. But here you can find both in the same place and in 10 minutes from your hotel! Local divers told us that you can see both species all year round. We came to Dhigurah by accidentally and fell in love with this place.

Honestly, this article was written to show you this video. I really love it.

P.S. That was a lovely time when I haven’t started to use DLSR underwater, so all the pictures and videos are made on my GoPro HERO3. Sorry for that:)