In unique places you meet unique people. My Greenland trip wasn’t an exception. In this post I want to tell you about people I was lucky to meet there.

Meet David.



David is Icelander, diving instructor and the guy who teached me “that what she said” jokes.


David meets Greenlandic dog.


David relaxing after a hard day.

Meet Will.


Will is British, he is a flight instructor, very stong man. That was his second time in Greenland – first time Will crossed Greenland by ski in winter time. Will was my dive buddy.


Will conquers iceberg near the glacier.


Will tests his gopro stick underwater.
Meet Stefan.


Stefan is German, professional 3D-photographer. He was a first guy who shown me how 3D-photo is made.


Stefan’s working instrument. He also brought several pair of lenses, custom underwater housing for this camera, couple of DLSRs, paired gopros and lots of other equipment. It’s not an easy thing to be a 3D-photographer.


Stefan films 3D-picture of Inuit family in Tasiilak.


Stefan after some nice iceberg dive.

Meet Sven.


Sven is German, head of touristic company, our trip leader and great guy. We became good friends.


This is myself and brutal selfie on the iceberg.


David, me, Will and Stefan on the iceberg. Photo credits Sven Gust.


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