Africa is full of wildlife. This is a white rhino, which is considered to be the national property and protected in most African countries, and South Africa is not an exception. Africans love rhinos, but some of them love money more and become poachers. Every poacher tries to grab a part of rhino’s horn and sell it to China. The horn powder costs a lot in Chineese black markets, because somebody still believes in it’s magical power for improving man’s potency.


Chineese black markets have brought many animal species to the edge of extinction. What do you think, which punishment would poacher get for an attempt to kill national property? Would it be a couple of years in jail and a fine of several thousand dollars? The right answer is death. If rangers of national park or other protected territory meet a poacher, they have right to kill him. Africans are very good in protecting the world where they live.



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