Portrait: Great Hammerhead.



I was lucky to dive with great hammerheads in Bimini, Bahamas, the only known place on the planet where you can meet them virtually guaranteed.

This sharks are big, they can grow up to 6 meters, in average about 3-4 meters. They are even a bit longer than tiger shark, and much more graceful. When the feeding takes place, they move smoothly and fast, rotating and curving, like gymnasts, which is just perfect for photography. Hammers are not shy, they make a close and agressive contact with divers. Sometimes you have to push it’s head away to avoid being kicked in your face. For the first time it was uncomfortable, but then we got used to it. One shark have kicked my camera housing and in the end it was flooded. Shark-Me: 1-0.


Shark feeding takes place in 5-10 meters depth, near the bottom. Sometimes you get over 10 sharks on a dive. Hammers are considered to be harmless sharks, the only way to get bitten is to put a hand into sharks mouth, but we haven’t tried to.


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