Our fingers were crossed for the weather. And it worked! On the second day we left the shore and headed north for the whales. Arctic morning is dunk, ship covered with snow, waves, short briefing and the hope for encoutering whales. Probalay, this feeling of hope is even stronger than the excitment of encounter itself. You feel this hope from the very begginig of planning the trip up to this special day when everything should happen.


And here are the first orcas. We have met them in half-an-hour way from the harbour! Three years ago it was the end of 4th day.

Several pods passed our ship, but we decided not to chase them. Those whales were traveling, which means you can’t get really close to them – they will just pass you on high speed and dissapear in the blue. What we really needed was a pod of hunting whales.

We met a single male orca near the fishing trawler, which is not unusual – orcas are often feeding on fish which falls out of trawling nets. The strange thing was that the ship was not fishing that time, just standing on one place, but the whale was keeping close. He was behaving agressive, tailing and breaching, so we decided not to enter the water. It’s generally known that you should avoid getting close to the single male orcas and to goup of sleeping orcas.  


We have seen a great illsutration for the plastic pollution of the ocean, which became a big problem for our planet. Even the most dangerous and smart predators in the ocean suffer from plastic.




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