Norway is among my favourite countries, so my first post is about Norway. Every year from November to February large schools of herring migrate throuth the fjords of Norway. The herring is followed by the predators – humpback whales, finwhales, seiwhales, minke whales, pilot whales, and the main stars of the show – orca whales. This winter we went to Norwegian Arctic, Lofoten islands, hoping to encounter this magical nature’s feast. 


Add to this the incredible cosmic landscapes of snow-covered rocky mountains, stormy cold ocean, stingy northern sun and, if you are lucky, the northern lights, Aurora borealis. We did the local flight by the small propeller plane which took us across the polar circle, to the small town of Andenes in Lofoten archipelago. Polar night welcomed us by small northern lights.

Stormy wind forced us to stay on shore for the first day. We were driving around in seach for magnificent landscapes, and we found some.

There is something to see here apart from whales.



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